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Bridge Connector

United States

Aaron Wallace

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Bridge Connector is an iPaaS platform that delivers streamlined integration solutions for healthcare organizations. Founded on the idea that any healthcare organization should be able to automatically transfer data between disparate systems, Bridge Connector offers a seamless solution, regardless of platform and without requiring an IT team. We know that building a one-off integration between disparate systems is both time-consuming and costly. Even after completing the integration, many of these ?solutions? lack additional support for issues that arise, causing frustration and helplessness. Bridge Connector is your one-stop shop, handling all updates and maintenance, while also providing 24/7 customer support and troubleshooting. Bridge Connector offers a cost-effective solution to an expensive problem. Our unique platform has pre-built connectors with systems, which help organizations streamline and automate data flows. The Bridge platform empowers organizations to delegate data management, enabling them to concentrate on what?s truly important: excellent patient treatment and company innovation. Our low monthly fee includes the initial integration build-out, maintenance, technical support, and new-user training. Our customers eliminate risk because we guarantee up-time, while also handling updates, even as connected databases API?s evolve.

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