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Azati Software

United States

Jon Chakoff

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Since 2001 we design and develop software for clients in a diverse set of industries including insurance, life sciences, media & entertainment, education and finance. We offer consulting services for IT projects and focus on close collaboration with our clients. By using series of short development cycles, we facilitate transparency to the development process and help ideas mature and evolve in the right direction over time. 105 people team of IT engineers, designers, product analysts hold a wide range of expertise covering: Business Intelligence Cognitive Computing and Machine Learning Big Data Systems Integration Custom Software Development Software Design & Prototyping IT Consulting Support & Maintenance Our team integrates so tightly with yours that you?ll think we?re right next door (and sometimes, in the same room with you). Our solutions help businesses with the following areas: - automate Business Processes (BPM) - Enterprise Content Management (ECM) - Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) - Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - Mobile web market - use opportunities provided by Social Networking - analyze data, provide reports and visualize (includes Big data strategy) - migrate technology and support for rescue missions Call us at +1.973.597.1000 or contact via email: Clutch Profile:

  • North America
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Privately Held

Address 1

184 South Livingston Avenue

Address 2

Suite 119


Livingston, NJ





Phone Number

+1 201 464 6906

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