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WestGroup Research

United States

Ted Apostol

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WestGroup is a full service market research, data analytics and consulting firm. Established in 1959, we serve clients around the country and the globe. We love putting our agility and intense project management skills to work for some of the world?s most recognizable brands -- Samsung, Spotify, Apple, Federal Express, Atlas Copco, NPR, PNC Bank, Blue Cross Blue Shield, etc. We equally cherish our partnership and ?brain trust? role we play for the many Arizona companies, government entities and organizations we have served for decades! We are valued for our classic, academic, trust-worthy market research foundation, prized for our drive to innovate and automate, and deeply appreciated for our integrity and responsive, agile, flexible ?high touch? service. At WestGroup Research, your priorities are our priorities and going the extra mile is our business as usual. This year marks WestGroup?s 60th Anniversary of providing insights, innovation and integrity! We remain committed to delivering ?the truth,? despite how challenging it has become to uncover in this survey saturated world. Long before data was cool, we were steeped in the discipline of collecting and reporting accurate and representative information in a compelling way. The world moves faster, new methods have emerged, but the core art and science of market research remains the same. And we do research and data, like a boss. No matter the size or scope of your project, a senior ?boss? researcher will be directly involved every step of the way.

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