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THRIVE Consulting

United States

Eliette Krakor

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THRIVE is a strategy consulting firm with the mission to support our clients launch and grow thriving businesses ? by delivering superior customer value, building distinct sources of competitive advantage, and proactively anticipating and shaping the future. Combining a high level of intellectual rigor with creativity and a laser focus on results, THRIVE works with clients in a highly interactive way to develop world class strategies that will be successfully executed. THRIVE serves clients in multiple industries ? with particularly deep expertise in Life Sciences. Core Areas of Expertise: ? Corporate Strategy ? Business Unit and Brand Growth Strategy ? Competitive Strategy and Simulations (War Games, Launch Simualtions) ? Product Launch Strategy and Launch Excellence ? Emerging Markets Entry Strategy ? Marketing Strategy and Marketing Capability Building ? Management under Uncertainty and Scenario Planning ? Innovation Strategy And Management ? Life Cycle Management Strategy

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