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The Hunley Group

United States

Joe Vela

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The Hunley Group, a Partner, is a team of marketing, sales and operations professionals, capable of tackling your business process challenges. At The Hunley Group we put process first, using the latest technologies to achieve your business goals. By focusing on sales enablement, our teams work with marketing, sales, and senior executives to deliver results through: - Product strategy & definition - Primary market research - Sales pipeline development, focusing on lead generation, qualification, and management, and including inside sales development - Sales and marketing IT, including CRM and Marketing Automation implementation, optimization, and support, with a focus on - Digital marketing, including website development and search marketing - Training and coaching of executives to embed these capabilities as new core competencies within the business Hunley is a veteran-owned business, and works with government agencies and prime contractors, in addition to our commercial practice. We look forward to working with you to develop the programs that are the RIGHT fit for your business model.

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