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Syntegrity works with global Pharma & Life Sciences companies – from C-suite to product managers – as well as Trade Associations and NGOs on a broad range of critical and complex challenges. We are a wholly-owned subsidiary of the global Life Sciences think-tank, RTI International.

In a 2-day session, we deliver a comprehensive plan of fully baked, actionable recommendations that are owned by the people who need to execute.

When surveyed after applying our proprietary Formula, our clients consistently tell us that it would have taken months, years, or an infinite amount of time to achieve the same results with traditional approaches, that we achieve in days.

We have extensive and highly specialized experience in major life-sciences LCM challenges:

  • launches,
  • co-promotes,
  • LOEs,
  • counter-launch defenses,
  • igniting under-performing products

...all the way up to operationalizing business units and deciding how whole companies need to re-invent their identities. A unique aspect of Syntegrity is that the Formula does not change substantially for different kinds of challenges. We have proven that it's not the problem you're solving - it's how you're solving the problem.

No other approach brings together and fully harnesses the brains of very large cross-functional groups as quickly and to such great effect. Those who work with us achieve shared understanding, and in 2 days engineer the right plan of attack for any complex challenge. Equally important, buy-in and alignment across the organization, which is necessary to ignite a critical mass and sustain execution, is at the heart of our work... not an after-thought.

Our proven formula is also heavily leveraged by D&I, training, leadership development, and performance management divisions to transform culture, optimize and maximize interpersonal dynamics, gel new organizations and teams after M&As, co-promotes/JVs, and many other key turning points.

Business is more competitive than ever and these challenges require speed, new innovative thinking, and durable solutions with clear actionable plans for execution by stakeholders and large teams. These elements are critical, but so often missing.

Important: we are not embedded, large-firm style consultants... we are a disruptor to traditional consulting, and to typical workshops and war-gaming. Our secret is that we engineer an extremely high volume of very effective collisions between all the right people and ideas, with a systemic lens.

Whether you already have your strategy and need to get to tactics, or you haven't begun... or you've been in the market for years and face new, disruptive competition. There are many entry points to working with us, and you don't need to start fresh. We say, "start anywhere."

  • South America
  • North America
  • Europe
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Monday 18th of June 2018

Syntegrity provided and excellent and effective time exploring and identifying questions that needed to be explored by a group of invested employees. They were impeccably organized and continued to keep us on task during challenging conversations. Very Impressive!

Monday 2nd of July 2018

Excellent job of distilling the problem to a question that is clear and can focus a large group. Structure of the workshop facilitates finding solutions that can be actionable immediately after the workshop. We have held two of these workshops and both have resulted in several actions that have made a real impact on performance. I plan to do additional workshops in the future.

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