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Project Management Leadership Group

United States

Sean Boyle

[email protected]

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Founded by program office and portfolio management thought leader Bill Stewart, PMLG is the leader in project, program and portfolio management experiential based implementation support. Our mission is to help our clients rapidly transform their organizations to a culture of Strategic Execution Excellence. We accomplish that mission by providing a turnkey solution that provides knowledge and experiential based tools, services and training. PMLG provides the world's only experiential-based project, program and portfolio management training and certification programs. The Certified Project Management (CPM) and ITCPM Boot Camps provide project leadership certification, producing graduates with the skills, knowledge, experience and confidence to lead projects of any size and complexity. The Program and Portfolio Management (PPMC) is an advanced certification that provides graduates with the skills and experience to lead complex programs and portfolios. PMLG developed and implements PMeXecute, a comprehensive web-based project, program and portfolio management toolset providing a turnkey implementation of project, program and portfolio management. PMeXecute consists of a database of practical, proven and easy to use processes, templates and guidelines for project, program and portfolio management.

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