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Product Development Consulting

United States

Sheila Mello

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The PDC team works with your teams to uncover the real problems standing in the way of creating successful products. Do you need better understanding of your customers? experience and better product definition? An overhaul of your product portfolio process? A more robust way to capture and capitalize on what the market values? Or all of the above? PDC has helped companies with all these challenges and more. Our services span the product development spectrum from portfolio management and collaboration to product definition and metrics. We work with you to figure out what impedes breakthrough innovation and top-line growth, then craft the best way to address those issues and work collaboratively with your teams to make improvements. We don't effect change by introducing ambitious overhauls that leave you with a difficult-to-sustain new process. Instead, we plant the seeds of organizational change by developing internal experts who lead the way to institutionalize that change. When we leave, your product development, marketing, and R&D professionals have the experience they need to make the new way of doing business stick.

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