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Negotiated Solutions

United States



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Negotiated Solutions Incorporated (NSINC) is a global consulting firm dedicated to improving the standard of business negotiations. We are a trusted advisor, and a valued coach to leading institutions in Healthcare, Finance and Commercial Real Estate. We work diligently to create value for our clients across the private, public and social sectors. NSINC's unique approach of "Consulting from within" creates a dynamic approach to problem solving that creates tangible value for our clients. We combine deep academic and theoretical knowledge with industry experience to create sustainable solutions. We are passionate about creating options for our clients that satisfy short term requirements while building towards the realization of their long term vision. We work closely with our clients to build on their capabilities and strategy at each level of the negotiation process to create tangible value. We do this through a series of techniques and tools that increase confidence, flexibility and dynamism in the negotiation process that unlocks our clients true capabilities and potential.

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