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United States

Kevin D Ambrosia

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MMIT is 100% focused on market access, everywhere. We are the #1 source of formularies, medical policies and restrictions across the U.S. MMIT is a product, solutions and advisory company that brings transparency to pharmacy and medical benefit information. MMIT partners with PBMs, payers and pharmaceutical manufacturers from P&T to point of care. We analyze market access trends and market readiness issues, while providing brand and market access solutions to navigate today?s rapidly changing healthcare market. Our team of experts focuses on pharmaceuticals, business drivers, market intelligence and promotional behavior. Our products and services support brands approaching launch, commercialization efforts, pre-P&T market planning, launch strategy and readiness. We partner with hundreds of payers and manufacturers ensuring that our products continually capture and analyze formulary coverage and restriction criteria for more than 98% of all covered lives. Market access is getting harder. Solving your market access challenges is all we do.

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