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Fletcher Spaght

United States

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Fletcher Spaght is a strategy consulting firm focused on helping healthcare and technology companies increase revenue growth and their long-term potential. Growth drives enterprise value. Management teams diligently pursue growth through both organic and inorganic alternatives. The risks associated with growth investments necessitate development of information critical to determining market receptivity, optimal strategy, the level of competitive advantage, successful customer engagement, and the impact of competitive response. Through in-depth primary research, rigorous analysis, and deep market knowledge, FSI delivers the detailed insights needed to inform critical business decisions that increase growth and enhance value. Why Choose FSI? FSI?s staff has the scientific and engineering background to understand the markets we serve; most of our professional staff has advanced degrees in science, medicine and/or engineering. FSI?s senior professionals began their consulting careers at strategy firms such as BCG and Bain. Building on staff experience and expertise, FSI has developed analysis tools, methodologies, and analytical approaches ensuring that we can efficiently support client needs. Senior staff actively participate in client work, bringing decades of market experience to help clients identify, evaluate, and act on achievable growth plans. For over 30 years, FSI has: ? Helped clients with identifying, evaluating and planning how to grow their business ? Built a leading team staffed with professionals that specialize in disciplines within healthcare and technology ? Expanded its client-base to range from start-ups to the world?s largest companies, as well as leading venture capital and private equity firms ? Applied knowledge/experience associated with the high levels of innovation and growth in healthcare and technology to mature industry businesses seeking higher rates of growth

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