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Artisan Healthcare Consulting

United States

Brad Ship

[email protected]

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Providing strategic insights to 8 of the top 15 biopharma and medical device companies, Artisan Healthcare Consulting clients choose us for the direct senior leadership involvement we dedicate to every project. We operate in three key areas: New Products, Analytics & Forecasting, and Strategic Brand Support.

Our New Products practice area centers on crafting highly differentiated product strategies for assets in clinical development. We have studied value drivers that lead to commercial success for clinical-stage assets, such as order of entry, efficacy/safety thresholds, caregiver and other stakeholder needs, etc. We work with our clients to craft pre-market strategies around these drivers, making us the go-to for emerging biopharma companies, as well as for established names who are always breaking ground with new innovations.

Artisan’s immersion in global markets offers clients up-to-the-moment insights into international healthcare systems, local regulatory and market access environments, and regional nuances that are vital to making decisions in mature and emerging markets.

Artisan’s experience with Analytics & Forecasting means we have in-depth understanding of most available data sets (e.g. Symphony, IQVIA), and help our clients select the right data to address their business needs.  We are experts at bridging data insights with strategic decisions.  We also believe in 100% transparency when it comes to forecasting; we make sure that there are no hidden formulas or black boxes when it comes to our assumptions, research, and information. Our forecasts have a track record of proven accuracy.

When it comes to Strategic Brand Support, we don’t just follow a set list of tactics. We immerse ourselves in the target markets, and tailor strategies accordingly. We know exactly which KOLs you need for maximum impact, we devise publication plans tailored to your market share, and conduct wargaming scenarios and competitive intelligence to predict market trends. At the end of the day, it’s not about following a pre-developed template of actions – Artisan blends expertise across functions and levels to integrate client needs with strategic insights no matter the subject.

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+1 781-221-5656

Thursday 25th of October 2018

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