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Weinberg Group

United States

Ingvar Jonsson

[email protected]

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The Weinberg Group, a ProPharma Group company, is the global leader in regulatory and compliance services, with headquarters in Washington, D.C. For over 35 years, we have provided biotech, medical device, and pharmaceutical consulting services to companies of every size on every continent, supplying them with viable and efficient drug development pathways and compliance solutions. The Weinberg Group was acquired by ProPharma Group on January 25, 2019. By joining forces, we expand our current service portfolio of pre-approval/pre-clinical regulatory service solutions to also now include post-approval regulatory services, establishing an end-to-end global solution for our clients. Our service footprint now allows us to service clients at all stages of drug, device and biotechnology development, and in any geographic region.

  • North America
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Privately Held

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1129 Twentieth St., NW

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Suite 600


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