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Quality Smart Solutions

United States

Andrew Parshad

[email protected]

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Quality Smart Solutions Inc. is a global consulting firm specializing in Consumer Health Products including Natural Health Products, Dietary Supplements, Foods, Veterinary Health Products Medical Devices, Over-the-Counter drugs and Cannabis. Two areas that we serve our clients: Regulatory Compliance and Business Development Solutions. Some of our most sought after regulatory solutions include: Canada NPN License, Label Compliance and Importer of Record Canada Cosmetic Label compliance and Notification Canada Food Label compliance and translation Canada Veterinary Health Products notification registration Canada TMAL (supplemented food) registration Canada Medical Device registration and label compliance Canada OTC registration and label compliance Canada Medical Marijuana licensed producer application submission Canada Medical Marijuana licensed producer Standard Operating Procedures technical writing Canada medical marijuana LP site inspection US Dietary Supplement, Food label compliance and facility registration US Cosmetic label compliance US OTC Drug license and facility registration US Medical Device (510K) US Agent International regulatory compliance (ask for details) Our business development solutions include: Contract Manufacturer setup Broker and Distributor network connect Warehousing and Logistics What makes us different is that we focus on continuous process improvement with client satisfaction at the heart of our solutions. We're here to serve Consumer Packaged Goods companies worldwide and see them grow. We are a virtual-based consulting firm with our team of experts working out of home based offices across Canada and the United States.

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