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United States

Pradeep P Kumar

[email protected]

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Fleetilla is based in beautiful Ann Arbor, Michigan, the hometown of the Michigan Wolverines! For nearly two decades, we have been at the forefront of supplying solutions for GPS fleet security, vehicle and trailer tracking, mobile workforce automation, remote site/equipment monitoring, and other sectors within the IoT/M2M segment. Fleetilla is one of the few end-to-end solution providers in this space, and we are involved in all aspects of connected solutions delivery. Our hardware and application platforms are modular and extensible, allowing us to incorporate newer technologies as soon as they become viable. Furthermore, our complete control over the solution value chain (concept->hardware->software->service) and proximity to the end-customer allow us to continually create products that are state-of-the-art, optimal, and reflective of the customer?s needs. From small fleets and owner/operators to large fleets and extensive global operations, those depending on Fleetilla's solutions comprise a truly diverse group? Fleets operating in regional, metropolitan, and/or rural areas Logistics, Asset Management and other software providers who need to provide an integrated telematics solution Small, medium and large contract carriers and private fleets Corporate car fleets Government agency fleets Overseas/regional solution providers Cellular carriers who need to provide a telematics/IoT solution Non-profit and educational organizations OEM solution providers In organizations of all sizes and in sectors spanning the economy, Fleetilla's solutions have been deployed throughout North America. In partnership with local cellular carriers and/or other value-added resellers, Fleetilla's solutions are also deployed in the Caribbean, South America, Middle East, West Africa, and Australasia regions. No matter where or how challenging the situation is, we are passionate about providing unique and innovative solutions.

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