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United States

Nathan Olsen

[email protected]

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Founded in 2003, BestNotes is a HIPAA compliant Customer Relationship Management and Electronic Health Record database system specifically designed for the behavioral health and substance abuse industry. Merging the traditionally separate CRM and EHR tools into one highly effective, highly functional product, BestNotes can vastly improve client interactions. Offered as a fully integrated suite, BestNotes includes - scheduling - patient portal - practice management - documentation - medication administration - outcome tracking - e-prescribing - lab tracking - vast reporting features - and much more... Documentation is designed with the behavioral health specialist in mind – eliminate double data entry, point and click documentation, quickly create group notes and treatment plans with our integrative tools. BestNotes CRM tracks sales activity, follow-ups, referrals and ongoing customer interactions. The full spectrum of client interactions from sales to alumni relations can be realized. BestNotes customers enjoy no upfront fees, month-to-month contract and unlimited training/support for a small monthly fee designed to efficiently grow with

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