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United States

Tom Mendola

[email protected]

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Mendola Artists, Ltd. Mendola Artists represents approximately 100 illustrators who work in a wide range of styles and mediums: traditional painters and digital artists; photographers and paper sculpters; 3-D animators and logo designers. Many of our artists can design anything from logos to corporate identity to books. Our biggest growth area is the development of art for websites. With such a range of talent and capability, we can quickly find a match for your creative needs. Mendola's clients include toy manufacturers ad agencies, book and magazine publishers, websites, pharmaceutical companies, small business and sports organizations, among others. Please browse through our portfolios on our site by clicking the Portfolio icon. Each portfolio contains 15-20 images reflecting the range of the artist's work. You can also find our artists in print in the American Showcase, The Workbook and the GAG Directory of Illustration. Call one of our experienced reps at (212) 986-5680 or email us at [email protected]

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420 Lexington Avenue PH


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(212) 986-5680

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