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Health Monitor Network

United States

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Health Monitor Network is the leading direct-to-patient company in the country, with a reach of 150+ million condition sufferers, 200,000+ medical offices and 400,000+ HCPs with an active database of 2,000,000+ patients. Our offices are responsible for 80% of the nation’s TRx dollars. We help you reach patients in medical offices, in patients’ homes and on-the-go with an ROI of 6:1. We strive to facilitate dialogue between patients and their healthcare professionals. With a strong suite of products (print, online and mobile), and over 50 established partnerships with Healthcare Associations, Societies and Advocacy organizations, Health Monitor is a trusted partner in the direct-to-patient category. Connect with us: 1-800-422-4112 or HR Department: 201-649-9694

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