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76West is a brand consultancy that identifies untapped business potential. We increase brand recognition, value and long-term growth. What do we do? We help brands navigate for business growth. We create a compelling narrative and direction for our clients that transcends technology to become the foundation of their brand. How do we do it? By working together. You are the experts in your company, so we believe that your knowledge and participation is an important component of the brand-building process. We Work With You To: 1. Understand your business goals 2. Identify & research the competition 3. Analyze customer satisfaction 4. Determine growth opportunities Having a well-defined path for growth is essential for every business. Our bespoke process, named Brand GPS? realizes the creation of the Unique Brand Proposition (UBP) for your organization, creating a foundation for identifying untapped growth potential and strategies designed to increase value and promote long-term market share. Our core competencies include Brand Strategy, Brand Identity & Brand Experience. We work in 24 vertical markets including Medtech/Life Sciences, Higher Education, Furniture + Home Goods, Technology and Private Equity. 76West. Navigation for business growth?

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