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Salveo Partners

United States

Rosie Ward

[email protected]

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OUR WHY: To re-humanize the workplace so people can bring their best selves to work - and home - each day. OUR HOW / WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT: We use a fresh, people-centered approach to culture transformation; utilizing science-based analysis, strategies and solutions to achieve The Fusion of organizational development and employee wellbeing, which translate into sustainable business solutions. WHAT WE DO: Salveo Partners is an expert consulting and professional development firm that guides organizations to create thriving workplace cultures, enhance organizational performance and cultivate employee wellbeing. We strive to create positive culture transformation and leadership development through the Thriving Workplace Culture Survey? and The Fusion of organizational and employee wellbeing, using our humanistic, science-based growth strategies and toolsets. Each organization is unique. To meet the specific needs and goals of each client, we offer customized solutions to: ? Benchmark data of what is and isn?t working with culture, leadership, employee engagement, workplace stress and employee wellbeing and creating a customized plan for improvement ? Improve leadership effectiveness ? Improve cohesiveness of senior leadership teams ? Improve employee engagement and retention ? Increase effectiveness of recruiting and retention ? Improve employee wellbeing Based on our book, ?How to Build A Thriving Culture At Work, Featuring the 7 Points of Transformation? we also train, equip and support others in re-humanizing their workplaces via our 11-week Thriving Workplace Culture Certificate training program. And for people wanting to help others shift from weight to wellbeing and make peace with their bodies and their food, we offer our 12-week Health For Every Body Facilitator training program.

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