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Jackson Associates Research

United States

Marisa Pope

[email protected]

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Jackson Associates has been the premier Atlanta focus facility and recruiting firm since 1957. We recruit and host focus groups and in-depth interviews, specializing in successfully locating niche audiences. We have extensive experience in the automotive, health care, legal, consumer package goods and media segments. Recruiting agents work onsite in our computerized call center and are specially trained in finding the ?perfect? respondent. Our respondent database is comprised of over 100,000 local participants. We continually build it using verified methods ? festivals, churches, referrals, etc. We do not allow internet surfing without vetting potential respondents. We follow strict guidelines when determining inclusion in one of our projects. We offer 8 rooms across two spectacular facilities, each designed with our clients in mind. Our North Atlanta / Perimeter facility accommodates virtually any size or type of project. This space offers clients ground floor, direct access from the parking lot for delivery, and the auditorium is large enough to display several beds, large appliances or automobiles at once. Our Midtown Atlanta facility offers clients an in-town alternative to our sprawling suburban space. Hip and trendy, this three-room facility is especially well-suited to out-of-town clients, medical and legal research and professional services focus groups.

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