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Diane Hayes

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Hello and welcome to InCrowd on LinkedIn! Follow us for regular updates on healthcare market research, tips on market research innovation and strategies, and updates on our special syndicated research reports on current hot topics. InCrowd?s research methodology provides the life sciences industry with real time feedback from highly targeted healthcare professionals. In the life sciences world, time is money. Making decisions based on the most up-to-date and reliable information is crucial. The goal at InCrowd is to provide our clients with a competitive advantage. Imagine the power of crowdsourcing a group of physicians within hours of product launch and initial detailing by sales representatives. The InCrowd platform enables clients to access market information that was previously unavailable for several weeks and gives them the ability to act quickly with real- real-time data. InCrowd is changing how market research professionals think about and do their work in real time. Try our demo today and experience it for yourself!

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