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Hall & Partners

United States

Kinga Zapert

[email protected]

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Hall & Partners is a strategic brand consultancy powered by data and insight. Everything we do is about helping brands create commercially and emotionally rewarding relationships, closing the ?relationship gap? between people, brands and business. We are a team of cultural experts, data geeks, strategists, insights journalists and marketing science wizards. Together we unlock new opportunities for businesses and brands to grow and co-invent the future. We help shape brands through disciplined strategic thinking. This then acts as a driving force to extract hidden insights from the data and carry out further research. As the largest research consultancy within the Omnicom Group, we have been working with some of the world?s biggest brands for over 25 years, turning data and research into actionable insight. This helps our clients identify future-facing strategies for growth.

  • North America
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Public Company

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225 N. Michigan Ave

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Suite 2040


Chicago, IL





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+1 312 321 4150

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