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Voisin Life Science Consulting

United States

Eric Wery

[email protected]

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From discovery to product launch and lifecycle management At VCLS (Voisin Consulting Life Sciences), regulatory science guides Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and Medtech manufacturers throughout product development and commercialization. Starting early in the process, from discovery to the patient, VCLS assists innovators in designing optimized product development plans and regulatory strategies, combining the health ecosystem with commercial success. With a presence in seven locations across three continents and over 150 employees, VCLS serves a broad range of healthtech developers and their investors. Together, we accompany global stakeholders to expedite HealthTech products from discovery to patient access and beyond by bridging Science to Regulatory and Market Access strategies.

  • North America
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Privately Held

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64, Avenue Pierre Grenier


Boulogne, Paris





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+33 (0)1 41 31 83 00

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