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Remap Consulting

United States

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Remap Consulting is a specialist pricing, reimbursement and market access consultancy offering an integrated, evidence-based approach to optimising market access. Our strength lies in our ability to understand the market access challenges from your perspective and to develop payer-focused solutions tailored to your business needs. Our extensive pharmaceutical industry & consulting backgrounds within leading companies, encompasses expertise across the whole product lifecycle ? from early R&D development through to patent expiry and beyond ? enables us to understand the issue from your perspective and develop solutions accordingly. Our clients are typically people responsible for the pricing and reimbursement of products who are asking: - What is the optimal price for our product? - Have we got the right evidence to support pricing and market access at launch? - Do we have the right training capabilities in house to secure pricing and reimbursement? - What is the pricing and market access potential for our business development opportunities? Interested to learn more? Check out the content in the articles and media or or email: Ready to talk? We would have a very preliminary conversation to learn more and both figure out if there was value in talking further

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