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Justin Stindt Consulting

United States

Justin Stindt

[email protected]

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Justin Stindt Consulting is a consulting firm specializing in Strategy & Market Access advisory services for the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industry. We deliver specific and actionable insight on payer resonating evidence including endpoints, how to operationalize them and the required effect size. And we determine return on investment of different evidence generation programs, e.g. impact on access, price and forecast an investment in an additional trial delivers. Our holistic approach integrates in-depth understanding of healthcare systems, pricing & reimbursement, health outcomes, strategic vision and business sense to provide solutions truly creating value and access. We have extensive international experience in all major EU markets, the USA, Japan and selected emerging markets. We operate out of offices in Paris and Cologne and have a global reach through our network of payers, clinical experts and partners. Our services: Justin Stindt Consulting offers a wide range of Value & Access Solutions : - Payer advisory boards & Payer research - Support in adaptive pathways & scientific advice discussions - Pricing and Market Access strategies - Evidence generation workshops - Mock negotiation workshops - Return on investment of different payer value propositions / evidence generation programs - Development of aspirational product concepts / target product profiles for early stage assets - Indication prioritization and sequencing - Market Access training - Contracting services and vacancy management - Project management support to produce local MA deliverables (e.g. dossiers, models, systematic reviews) - Flexible ad hoc support and analyses Please visit our website and contact us for further information.

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