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United States

Berkeley Greenwood

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Decideum is a leading consultancy in the UK offering market access, health policy and HTA services to biotech and pharmaceutical companies. Having been involved with such processes since their conception, Decideum provides unrivalled advice in health technology appraisal, pricing & reimbursement and health economics. Healthcare systems in the UK and across the world face increasing pressures in terms of their financing and user numbers. At the same time novel technology, medicines and processes advance at pace presenting the opportunity to seal incredible health wins whilst raising challenges of adoption, access and reward. Our core specialism for over 25 years, Decideum?s reputation is founded on our expertise in healthcare. Reforms in the UK have fundamentally shifted the responsibilities and relationships between key players across the healthcare community. In a period of major change, organisations and industry need a clear understanding of how systems operate, where decisions are taken and why policy is being developed. Decideum?s team is unmatched in its ability to deliver this. Our clients include: - Pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies - Healthcare charities and campaign groups - Trade and industry and bodies - Professional organisations - Regulators and other public sector bodies - Hospitals and NHS trusts - Prominent individuals and thought-leaders

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