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Compass Strategic Consulting

United States

Maximilian Vargas

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Founded in 1994, Compass Strategic Consulting is an evidence-based value and access strategy company specializing in pricing and reimbursement solutions for drugs, diagnostics, and devices in US and global markets. Compass executes about fifty to sixty projects a year across a wide range of therapeutic categories reflective of current clinical research investment. In the last few years, metabolism, oncology and neurology have led the rankings of projects by therapeutic category. Cutting across all therapeutic categories are rare diseases where Compass has developed over thirty-five clinical and market access assessments in the last three years. Current clients include top ten global pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and diagnostic companies, emerging life science companies, and venture funds. We have an extensive global network and capabilities and have access to Yale University resources and talent. Compass delivers insightful results and meets tight deal deadlines. We have a 22 year track record of delivering projects and results on time and within budget.

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