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United States

Tara Krohe

[email protected]

We currently do not have a video, however you may visit our website to learn more about our services.

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Wilson Dow is a creative production agency dedicated to uniting and activating audiences through sharedexperience. We design and deliver live experiences that engage an audiencearound a shared purpose, prepare with critical knowledge and skills, andinspire with meaningful stories that spark change.

For20+ years Wilson Dow has cultivated teams of world-renowned creatives,strategists, instructional designers, and specialized production teams tocollaborate with an integrated approach that is the foundation of our success.The Wilson Dow team of 100+ continues to flourish as thinkers, doers, andbelievers who are fiercely proud of our work, our camaraderie, and our culture.We partner with global clients including Domino’s Pizza, Genentech, The CloroxCompany, PayPal, Lilly, Royal Caribbean International, and more.

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20 years

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1006 S. Michigan Ave

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Suite 800







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+1 312-922-1950

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