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Vantage Path

United States

Greg Bungay

[email protected]

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Vantage Path is an Alberta-based training and organizational performance improvement firm that serves the global corporate community in the areas of online training development, leadership enhancement, and organizational performance. Founded over 12 years ago by The Integro Performance Group ? a performance consulting business, and GNG iTech Corp, a training technology firm ? Vantage Path has matured as a valuable organizational productivity and training resource for both small and multinational companies. Vantage Path?s performance initiatives provide results-based solutions to an organization?s most pressing performance and leadership challenges, helping employees improve the way they do things by embracing change, accepting accountability, and improving performance. Vantage Path?s integrative teaching approach utilize both traditional learning and online training methodologies to deliver enhanced training solutions ? whether content is provided by the client or custom designed by one of Vantage Path?s experts. The Vantage Path team strives to build strong client alliances that further the client?s productivity, profitability and growth. We accomplish this by understanding the specific performance requirements within the client?s current infrastructure, culture environment and by responding with solutions that are authentic, engaging and relevant.

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