One Size Fits No One: Tailoring Learning Experiences To Individual Interests, Knowledge, And Skills With Adaptive Learning

SEPTEMBER 23 2021 11:00 AM EDT

Most training treats everyone the same, which, let’s face it, bores some and loses others.

Does this sound familiar? Building leadership skills is a pressing business need, but your learners are all over the map, from 50-year-olds who’ve been managing for 20 years to 30-year-olds fresh out of MBA school. That is, replace “leadership skills” with nearly any performance improvement challenge and it’s the same story: Learners bring their unique interests, knowledge, and skills to the table. In other words, how you take that into account will impact the success of your training.

So, how do you create tailored and personalized learning experiences without stressing out your learning team and blowing your L&D budget?

Join three learning experience design and technology experts from SweetRush for an enlightening discussion of adaptive learning: how to avoid a one-size-fits-all approach without breaking your team or the bank. By incorporating multiple learning paths within training, you can ensure learners get the learning they want and need, and only what they want and need.

John, Clare, and Adrian will explore a variety of techniques for achieving adaptive learning, across a variety of modalities (eLearning, virtual reality, chatbots, nudges, even ILT/VILT), with plenty of practical examples and best practices.

And, you’ll experience such kind of learning first-hand in the webinar—your input will help shape the conversation!

The goal of adaptive learning, ultimately, is to provide an experience optimized for each learner. Consequently, this leads to happier learners, deeper impact, and ultimately, improved performance. More precisely, it’s as much a mindset as a methodology, and all three presenters have it in spades.

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