Microlearning: A Practical Session ?o Help You Get 10x Engagement Rates And Business Results

NOVEMBER 30 2021 11:00 AM EST

There is no question about it; the world has gone online. Trends have accelerated and there is no return to the “old normal.” We are now defining the new normal, and organizations are working hard to redesign their business models and get in line with the new demands from both their customers and their workforce.

Training companies, HR, and L&D managers need to ensure that their strategies are designed for the new reality and that they are not just a short-term fix. L&D is now more important than ever. Every aspect of your training program must connect to the organization’s needs, remain agile, and deliver maximum business impact. After all, organizations spend a lot of resources on redefining their strategies and choosing the right delivery methods in order to prepare their workforce for the future.

In short, learning is no longer about developing new skills. Now it is more about transforming knowledge into doing and moving beyond theoretical application.

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