How To Build A Culture Of Compliance And Drive Positive Behavior Change In Your Employees

DECEMBER 02 2021 10:00 AM EST

In a fast-paced world when changes in compliance narratives aren’t communicated or understood, compliance disconnects may arise. This challenge is further accentuated in today’s hybrid work model, with organizations finding it difficult to monitor and enforce compliance. To regain and ramp up compliance in a hybrid workplace, you must invest in developing a culture of compliance as an integral part of your corporate culture.

However, stand-alone, cyclical compliance training programs will not help you develop a compliance-friendly mindset. The most effective way to instill a corporate culture of compliance is to integrate it as part of a comprehensive training strategy. Additionally, the training must be presented in an engaging and immersive format and designed to achieve the required change in thinking or action.

Join Asha Pandey, Founder and Chief Learning Strategist at EI Design, as she shares strategies and insights into how to build a culture of compliance and drive positive behavior change in a hybrid workplace. This session also features live case studies on high-impact compliance training that use innovative and highly immersive approaches.

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