How lessons learned from the COVID pandemic will improve vaccine development in the future

Wednesday, August 11, 2021 11am ET / 8am PT

During the COVID-19 pandemic, several pharma companies moved so fast to develop vaccines that the amount of time between the sequencing of the virus to the introduction of the first three vaccines was less than a year. It was a feat that was facilitated by unprecedented collaboration between the government and private industry, as well as efficient research and development processes—all of which could be leveraged in the future to improve vaccine development.

The processes that enabled that ultrafast clinical development of COVID-19 vaccines included real-time data sharing among academic research groups and companies; the standardization of reagents and models used in preclinical testing; a streamlined approach to clinical trials and manufacturing, and more. All of those practices could be embraced to improve and accelerate vaccine development going forward.

This Fierce webinar will include input from vaccine R&D professionals, including experts in clinical trial design, regulatory affairs and manufacturing. They will draw upon their own experiences in vaccine development to offer tips for incorporating elements of the successful COVID-19 vaccine rollout into future vaccine programs.

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