Designing High-Impact Microlearning Content

Traditional workplace learning isn’t working. Today’s learners are bombarded by too much information. They don’t need more content, they need impactful content designed and delivered to keep them engaged.

Qstream microlearning helps you design learning content to create higher engagement, increase knowledge retention, and prove results through analytics.

Qstream delivers short, focused bursts of content that makes it easy for employees to constantly learn and retain need-to-know information, actively improving proficiency over time.

Creating Qstream content is simple so that learning professionals without technical resources can build, manage, and deliver content. Time is spent meeting the learner’s needs and generating learning outcomes.

Qstream content is mobile-ready, responsive, and usable on any device. Creating a question is as simple as inputting it directly into the system and effortlessly formatting it to your liking. From there, input your answer choices and distinguish correct or incorrect answers by toggling accordingly.