Innovation’s Hothouse

Innovation’s Hothouse

Inevitably, complex life sciences organizations encounter the same challenge: managing programs and projects so team members work with their heads up, focused on the road ahead instead of the immediate tasks in their silo. Often times, the challenge is a lack of the right in-house talent for the job, producing alignment across team members or identifying the strategic drivers to hasten completion of critically important programs and projects.

The Evanston Group’s vast network of consultants manage the largest, most important programs and projects by the world’s top pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies. Partner with us to receive seasoned experience, insight and skill from consultants who hit the ground running, and to achieve measurable success. Dedicated to clear, open communication that produces clarity, focus, and alignment – whether in clinical, research and development or management of projects – we drive value. We become your trusted advisors, offering clear solutions to complex challenges, and helping you achieve amazing things.

When confronted with a spinoff and tight deadlines, a $40 billion global pharmaceutical company engaged The Evanston Group to oversee the global integration of affiliates in 110 different countries. A Big Four consulting firm recommended a team of over a dozen people; we suggested two.

The Evanston Group’s two-member team - a single, highly-experienced consultant and one analyst - finished the job in 18 months, overcoming language and cultural barriers at the affiliate level, to save the company $5 million and avoided a potential stiff tax penalty if the integration was not completed on time. The Evanston Group’s project manager was named the company’s top performer by the partner’s Chief Financial Officer.

Another fast-growing pharmaceutical company partnered with The Evanston Group for three years to repatriate clinical research from an external research organization. Immediately following a merger, the company identified an additional multiyear project, which required a personally curated cadre of 35 process consultants, subject matter experts and specialized project leaders. This project team helped integrate the merged companies’ people, processes, clinical studies and data into a single, combined $20 billion company.

Similarly, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) mandated that a major pharmaceutical firm spun off by its parent company become a stand-alone entity within two years. The company’s consulting partner at the time could not amass the skilled people needed to meet all of the demanding, complex requirements by the SEC deadline. The Evanston Group swiftly provided 78 program managers and subject matter experts who, over two years, assisted with virtually every element of the spin-off in 150 separate engagements – recommending two candidates for every position, with a 99 percent success rate in providing the needed expertise.

Since the spin-off, two dozen Evanston Group consultants have remained in critical divisions throughout the global organization, including specialized projects, business processes and subject matter expertise in everything from budgeting and clinical documentation to audit preparation.