Health System Develops Consumer and Digital Transformation Road Map

Health System Develops Consumer and Digital Transformation Road Map

Recognizing the significance of consumerism within the healthcare industry, the leadership team of a large regional health system committed to building deeper relationships with its consumers by better understanding the needs and drivers behind their healthcare decisions. Ultimately, the team wanted to improve the consumer experience, deliver on its brand promise for personalized care and solidify its position as the provider of choice within a highly competitive market.

Moving its consumer transformation from concept to broad execution presented challenges as the team was tackling both an operational and cultural shift. Putting its strategy into action would require well-defined consumer and technology road maps that could guide the team three to five years into the future.

The senior leadership team from the health system engaged Huron to assess its consumer strategy, including technology capabilities, in order to build a clear and sustainable action plan for enterprisewide consumer transformation.

From the outset, the focus was on developing and leveraging insights about the health system’s consumers and aligning those consumer insights to its investments, digital strategy and overall culture.