Mic Icon How IoT and 5G are Fueling Business to Vertical Shifts

By Cognizant

Traditionally, the core business of telcos was to provide widespread connectivity. However, with the advent of Internet of Things and then 5G arriving, the business landscape has completely changed for telcos. To stay relevant and competitive, they have to deal with an extensive network of sensors, ultra-fast connectivity and solve challenges for industries from healthcare, life sciences to media, logistics, entertainment, etc.

Tune into a two-part podcast series where our panel of experts, Tiran Dagan, Chief Digital Officer for Cognizant, Brian Burk, Global Leader of Healthcare, Health Insurance and Life Sciences, Verizon, Bob Pike, General Manager, Intel Smart Edge, and Craig Donald, CIO of the UK Football Association, examine the business to vertical or B2V shifts that are underway due to 5G and IoT.