Mic Icon From Scientist to Agency Owner via YouTube

By Life Science Marketing Radio

For scientists: Maaria talks about her gradual transition from the bench into science communications and eventually to starting her own agency. After a few post-docs, she took advantage of her curiosity to learn about things like contracts and patents at a CRO. That led to setting up social media their social media and working on the enterprise brand.

For marketers: Maaria points out what she learned from YouTube besides how to get comfortable talking to her camera. There is a lot of interest in “behind the scenes” content. People want to know the details of other people’s lives. This may be an untapped opportunity for life science companies and a way to build trust among various audiences.

Her podcast: Curiosity continues to set the direction. She has decided to gather communications tips from people in many different fields to see what lessons we might bring to life science from other experiences.