Mic Icon Engagement, Neuroscience and Curiosity

by The Curious Advantage Podcast

Amy Brann, Author, Consultant, Global Speaker and Founder of Synaptic Potential, joins Paul Ashcroft, Simon Brown and Garrick Jones, authors of the bestselling book ‘The Curious Advantage’ to explore the application of neuroscience to the art of developing people, the role of curiosity and the connection to engagement. Why are we seeing organisations becoming more focused on curiosity, or growth mindset and why is it so important? Does knowing how our brain works change the way we engage? How can we ignite our curiosity?

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About the Curious Advantage Podcast Series

The Curious Advantage Podcast series is brought to you by the authors of the book The Curious Advantage, Paul Ashcroft, Simon Brown & Garrick Jones and it is about how individuals and organisations use the power of curiosity to drive success in their lives and organisations, especially in the context of our new digital reality. It brings to life the latest understanding from neuroscience, anthropology, history and behaviourism about curiosity and makes these useful for everyone.

Produced by Aliki Paolinelis, edited by John McGinty & Jill Damatac-Futter. #Curiousadvantage #Curiousadvantagepodcast

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