Kellan Barfield Bio

Kellan Barfield

CEO & Founder


Kellan Barfield was born in Arlington, TX with a “solve it” mindset. As young as age 10, her mother’s and her own ongoing migraine conditions became the impetus for Barfield to direct the next 15 years of her studies towards a Biology degree from Baylor and an MBA from Texas Christian University.

While obtaining this Biology + Business education, she found Imitrex, the solution to her migraine problem. Mobilized to support the pharmaceutical industry that was making such miracles possible, Barfield leveraged her passion and focused knowledge to achieve great success over 20 years in sales, marketing, training, leadership development, and commercial excellence in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

She started at a top-tiered company in the eye care space which manufactured products for contact lens solutions, pink eye, glaucoma, and LASIK surgery. She then worked for a company that treated patients with life threatening illnesses like HIV, Hepatitis C, Cystic Fibrosis and more. Barfield was gratified and driven by being a part of the solution to these very real problems.

While working for a top biotech company in London, Barfield became frustrated when searching for new vendors for upcoming projects. Her procurement department would always recommend the same names of the largest companies, but she really wanted to partner with smaller, more boutique agencies. So, what did she do? She created a solution to provide the industry with resources she knew firsthand were needed.

Barfield moved back to the Dallas/Fort Worth area and founded SOURCE EXPLORER in March, 2018. SOURCE EXPLORER provides a supplier search engine connecting Life Science Professionals in the fields of pharma, biotech, or medical devices to the specialty suppliers they need for everything from training and marketing, to recruiting and operations. This model has proven to be exactly what the Life Science industry needs.

Although Barfield has now left the corporate world to start SOURCE EXPLORER, she still plays a role in a patient’s journey by creating greater efficiency for individuals working in life science organizations who need partners for their next project. Through the SOURCE EXPLORER platform, Barfield can be reached for additional services, including:

  • Commercial Excellence Consulting:
  • Advising Life Science companies on Product Launches, Training Strategies, Salesforce Effectiveness Initiatives
  • Supplier Processes Consulting:
  • Learn communication and service structures Life Science companies expect from you as a vendor
  • Speaking Engagements:
  • Barfield can be booked to speak or lead workshops about any of the above, plus:
    Training Beyond the "One and Done"
    Diversity and Inclusion
    Entrepreneurship in Life Sciences

    To arrange a personal demo of SOURCE EXPLORER, or to request any of Barfield’s direct services, e-mail [email protected]