Introduction of Source Explorer

Introduction of Source Explorer

Today, those working in the life science industry face significant challenges trying to increase efficiency, become more competitive, and reduce expenses. Technology has now expanded the resources available to help accomplish these goals. Clients working in commercial roles for life science companies spend significant budget amounts on services offered by specialized suppliers.  With increasing pressures to reduce timelines, it is more important than ever to be able to find the right supplier quickly.

Source Explorer is the first online platform of its kind in the life science industry.  One of the primary jobs of Source Explorer is to make client and supplier connections as fast and simple as possible. Instead of waiting days, weeks and even months to find the perfect supplier through word of mouth or google searches, clients have the ability to find suppliers that specialize in their area of need in minutes. Source Explorer is all about efficiency – you expect information immediately, and we are geared to give it to you.

What is Source Explorer?

Created by Life Science industry veteran Kellan Barfield, Source Explorer serves as a supplier search tool for commercial teams in Life Science companies.  This platform will feature suppliers that provide services to life science companies in the following areas:

Life Science Industry Updates

Through the Source Explorer platform, clients can sign up for free and have immediate access to a comprehensive database of boutique suppliers just for the pharma industry. Clients simply pick from one of the categories listed above, and can further filter by the specialties they require.  They will then be provided with a list of suppliers featuring company details, locations, website links, and even video vignettes to understand the companies more personally. Source Explorer offers a rating system, so the best of the best bubble to the top, too, along with the Source Certified seal to pinpoint suppliers that are pre-vetted.

How Do Suppliers Get On Board?

Suppliers listed on the Source Explorer platform pay a subscription fee to gain access to a powerful marketing asset. No more waiting for potential leads to answer an email or for word-of-mouth advertising to pay off. This new tool will increase visibility, build connections fast, and reduce direct sales expenses. The Life Science industry now has its own matchmaking hub to create relationships between clients and suppliers. Suppliers can join by visiting

When can Clients Start Searching?

Source Explorer is currently signing up suppliers.  Clients can join the platform now and be alerted when the search categories are ready to explore.


Simplicity has never been a term that has been associated with the Life Sciences industry – until now.  Source Explorer gives both clients and suppliers within the industry the ability to find each other easily.  Completely free for clients, there is no risk – only an opportunity to find boutique suppliers that were once unknown.  For suppliers, there is now a new way to expand your business.

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