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TQ: The Future of Work? Overcoming the Digital Skills Gap via a TQI (Tech Quotient Initiative)

Case Study: How a Global Pharma Company Used TQ Tools to Boost Digital Proficiency by 30%

Digital Skills e-Paper: The Three Most Crucial Post-Covid, Digital Office Skill Sets

Case Study: How to boost performance, reduce liability provides innovative, and digital skills training and assessments that boost tech proficiency, improve productivity and saves every professional 15 days a year.


Struggling to focus in a world overloaded with non-stop email, virtual meetings, and constant interruptions? Due to Covid-19, digital skills are more critical than ever. Get Control helps your people organize, prioritize, and get more done in today's virtual world. Over 17 years of experience and research have led to a revolutionary tech-driven time management training program that balances behavior and technology to produce longer-lasting results. 

Discover the Tech Quotient Assessment Tool(TQAT?). The TQAT is like DISC® but for tech proficiency.  It’s the first-ever assessment tool that measures and improves digital dexterity across the enterprise.

Our unlimited all-access pass allows you to train everyone in any format for one low flat rate - driving higher usage at a lower cost.

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