Frequently Ask Question

  • What does Source Certified mean? Dropdown button icon

    Source Certified confirms that we have heard directly from clients who have worked with these suppliers. These clients must have worked with the supplier in the past two years and provide ratings and reviews to help you understand the quality of the work delivered and overall client/supplier partnership experience.

  • What if I am trying to search for a supplier in a function that is not on the website? Dropdown button icon

    We will periodically update the functions on the website. If you are looking for a supplier in a specific area, contact us via email to let us know. We will be prioritizing suppliers in functions with the highest level of interest first.

  • How do I leave a rating for a supplier? Dropdown button icon

    You are able to leave reviews and ratings for any supplier that comes up in one of your searches. Simply click “rate supplier” on their profile and you can enter your feedback immediately.

  • Will Source Explorer Manage the RFP and vendor selection process for me? Dropdown button icon

    No. Source Explorer exists solely to provide the connection between you and suppliers that specialize in your area of need. Either you, your direct reports, or your internal procurement team can research the teams we connect you with to determine if they are the right fit for your project, company, and culture. This allows you to maintain the greatest control of this project as it moves forward.

  • How are suppliers vetted to be featured on this website? Dropdown button icon

    Source Explorer does allow any supplier to sign up for an annual membership fee. In order to guarantee you are seeing industry vetted suppliers only, look for the “Source Certified” badge on their company profile. This means we have heard directly from a minimum of two clients they have worked with in the past two years that recommend their work. Please note, this site does provide ratings and reviews. If suppliers drop below our threshold rating, they will no longer be featured on our list in order to protect our clients from unsatisfactory suppliers.

  • What if I am searching for a sub-specialty in a particular function that is not listed? Dropdown button icon

    In this situation, we recommend utilizing a keyword search. If you still have problems, but see the function listed where you are trying to search, contact us directly. We can likely help.

  • What is a boutique supplier/vendor? Dropdown button icon

    Life Science clients often hear of the same companies over and over when researching companies to work with. Our goal is to provide you with companies you haven’t necessarily heard of. These tend to be smaller niched companies with less than 50 employees. Although we do not exclusively highlight boutique suppliers, it is a large part of our business.

  • What does Source Certified mean? Dropdown button icon

    Source Certified confirms that we have heard directly from clients who have worked with you and will allow your company to be featured in the top of search results. Provide the email addresses of clients you have worked with and they will answer the following questions:

    • Have you worked with this supplier in the past two years?
    • How would you rate this supplier 1-5?
    • Do you have any comments/reviews to provide regarding this supplier?
    • Would you recommend this supplier to other clients?

    The ratings and reviews will be featured in the search results of your company profile. Your company can reply to any reviews that are received. Email addresses you supplied will not be used for any other purpose than verification.

  • How do I know if my company is coming up in search results? Dropdown button icon

    Every company with an annual membership is provided with a supplier dashboard. This dashboard will provide metrics letting you know how many times you have come up in search results as well as how many times your company link has been clicked on. If you find that you come up in a significant amount of results, but your link is not being clicked on, you may want to assess the information in your profile. Source Explorer would be happy to consult with you to optimize the information in your profile so it better speaks to your customers to enhance your click through rate. Simply contact us anytime.

  • What if one of my company’s specialties is not listed? Dropdown button icon

    In this situation, you can select “other” and type your specific specialty. Keep in mind that you will only come up in client searches on this particular specialty if they do a key word search. If this specialty is paramount to your business, contact us directly at Source Explorer about adding this specialty to the drop down list.

  • What is a Supplier Spotlight? Dropdown button icon

    This is a premium feature offered to our Platinum membership partners. It allows these suppliers a minimum two-week feature on our home page detailing either a successful client case study or a current industry trend and how they are tackling it. These spotlights allow our clients to have a more personal touch with our suppliers.

  • What factors should I consider when making the decision to purchase an annual membership?Dropdown button icon

    Minimize the time your team may be spending on cold calling. Source Explorer is an efficient marketing lever that may be a fraction of the cost of some of your current marketing tools.