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Ann Arbor, Michigan


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Celsee ·    Tue Oct 13

RT @BielasLab: Enjoying the great views as the @fredhutch Innovation Lab unpacks in it’s new space. https://t.co/jNnLn8MjHK

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Celsee ·    Thu Apr 09

@BioRad officially announces the merging of our two companies. Read on to learn more about our exciting future:… https://t.co/NidbSqNPtb

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Celsee ·    Wed Mar 25

Did you see Celsee's Celselect Technology featured in Clinical OMICS? Learn how the Genesis System can help you get… https://t.co/i4US0wBFQi

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Celsee ·    Mon Mar 23

Now is the time to understand more, so we have less to fear. A well-fitting quote for current times.… https://t.co/DJlh2Qdafk

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Celsee ·    Fri Mar 20

There's a better method for CTC enumeration and enrichment. Read more about the Genesis System's Celselect Technolo… https://t.co/UOHX6G1xpA

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Celsee ·    Fri Mar 20

Everyone at Celsee plays a vital role in helping us reach our potential. We believe every cell matters as much as w… https://t.co/57dp9A3QVv