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Avinger ·    Tue Jan 25

"There's help out there. Don't sit back and think your life's over. Don't be afraid to take a chance, take the nex… https://t.co/YCjulkspJs

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Avinger ·    Wed Jan 19

"#OCT imaging allows you to visualize where to direct the crossing catheter to be able to cross safely right throug… https://t.co/5gut11KOJD


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Avinger ·    Tue Jan 11

"Our new Lightbox 3 delivers important advancements in imaging, portability and capability. - Jeff Soinski, Avin… https://t.co/SRIzcY3HaV

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Avinger ·    Thu Jan 06

8 Causes of Peripheral Artery Disease. Learn more: https://t.co/eXDd8h8lSy #PAD #Diabetes #Smoking https://t.co/kfEUKHOeAl

#PAD #Diabetes #Smoking

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Avinger ·    Sat Jan 01

May 2022 be an extraordinary one! Happy New Year from Avinger! https://t.co/QhIswmHXD4

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Avinger ·    Wed Dec 29

Did you know that there are 250,000 ISR cases each year globally? Pantheris is now indicated for in-stent restenos… https://t.co/IvASmdRnTl