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Apotex ·    Fri Sep 10

Mohamed Chan, started at Apotex as a Technician at our Etobicoke, Ontario facility, and is now the Global Director,… https://t.co/NujHyV0n3d

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Apotex ·    Thu Sep 09

An Apotex donation to @HBKidsHospital, Canada's largest children's rehabilitation hospital, is helping to nurture t… https://t.co/TwcNwOPh5b

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Apotex ·    Wed Sep 08

The International Day of Charity, serves to increase, and enhance social responsibility around the world. We choos… https://t.co/ECvkWntQlE

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Apotex ·    Tue Aug 31

Lorna Harris joined the Apotex team in as a temporary summer student and returned after graduating from university.… https://t.co/ndSqkkwB7V

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Apotex ·    Thu Aug 26

Vaccination is one of the more effective ways that we can reduce the spread of COVID-19. Our employees share why… https://t.co/XpyeUCaIpn

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Apotex ·    Tue Aug 24

As a result, the demand for APO-Amoxicillin, an antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections, dropped, leaving exc… https://t.co/b7ZX8ozhdD