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23andMe ·    Wed Sep 22

After more than three decades, Melanie finally connected with the son she gave up for adoption. The first question… https://t.co/kYJKFepIfA

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23andMe ·    Tue Sep 21

Over 9 million of our customers opt into research to help improve health care. You could join them to help make hea… https://t.co/HuPmrrHjv8

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23andMe ·    Mon Sep 20

As an adoptee, Aaron was excited to learn more about himself after receiving 23andMe as a gift. He said that the in… https://t.co/kVLja2X6gk

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23andMe ·    Thu Sep 16

Atrial fibrillation is a common type of arrhythmia that can increase the risk for blood clots, stroke and heart fai… https://t.co/JNA0U1jzBy

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23andMe ·    Wed Sep 15

Gestational diabetes is a condition that occurs during pregnancy when glucose (a type of sugar) builds up in the bl… https://t.co/6XLMFH6rBB

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23andMe ·    Tue Sep 14

Barbara connected with her half-sister Lupe thanks to 23andMe. The two quickly became close, meeting each other's f… https://t.co/1YmeJxpZSz