Vertex Pharmaceuticals Makes an Impact Beyond Earnings in Q3

Vertex is one of the top places to work, according to Science Magazine’s

“Top Employers” Life Sciences rankings. Why are they so great to work with? What makes them stand out?

According to Chairman, President, and CEO Jeffrey Leiden, M.D., Ph.D., all Vertex employees share something intangible but vital: values. He says, “…every employee at Vertex has this deep-rooted passion for making the lives of patients better.”

Working with Life Science Professionals who feel that way is an incentive for the boutique suppliers on SOURCE EXPLORER who want to make a difference with the work they do, too. They get to make an impact by aligning with Life Science companies, supporting the projects that successfully get groundbreaking therapeutics to market.

Leiden says, “one of the special things about working for a company that’s cracking open a disease is you literally get to see it go from nothing- no treatments at all the way to the end, where you’ve transformed the lives of …tens of thousands of patients around the world and their families.”

In order to serve these patients best, Chief Scientific Officer David Altshuler holds Vertex accountable to their highest standards at the intersection of innovation and social responsibility. Putting their money where their mouth is, two-thirds of their employees work in R&D.

Those engaged, proud employees, as well as those tens of thousands of patients, have consistently placed Vertex as a top performer on quarterly earnings reports in the Life Science industry. As Q3 reports show, the focus Vertex has placed on treating underlying causes for CF, rather than just addressing symptoms, has resulted in impressive sales numbers. According to the reports cited by NASDAQ, they’re up 35.7% year over year, and their shares are up 8.8%, which is a stark contrast to the industry’s general decrease of 15.%.

Putting innovation first, taking risks, and partnering every step of the way with the suppliers who share their mission has paid off big time for the bottom line at Vertex, and, most importantly, for the CF patients and their families served by their work.

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