Technology Supports Sensitive Breast Cancer Conversations

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Of course, there aren’t many of us left unaware of the devastating impact of this disease, but it will be SOURCE EXPLORER’s goal this month to highlight some exciting resources and developments in this area.

We talk a lot about biotech and medicinal advances, but I want to highlight Celgene for creating an app called The Magic Tree for Breast Cancer. It acknowledges the fact that the impact of breast cancer spreads much farther than an affected body.

There are tough conversations to be had at home once a diagnosis is made. Sometimes that includes explaining complex issues to children so they know what to expect, long before they’re mature enough to really understand the details.

The Magic Tree for Breast Cancer facilitates these conversations through a clear, interactive interface.

On Celgene’s site, I read an article about a woman named Kimberly Jewett, who had to break the news to her kids without app support. She and her kids all agree that it would have made a huge difference for them. I’m the mother of a 3-year old, so the article resonated with me.

For Kimberly’s story, one of many inspirations for Celgene partnering with their specialist developers to create The Magic Tree for Breast Cancer app, click here:

This is the kind of innovation we love seeing. Permanent cures are not always possible when we need them, but a people-focused mission means our industry can still make a difference.

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